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SwissSalary 365

Payroll Accounting in the Cloud

Forward-looking companies advance the digitalization and switch to cloud solutions for payroll accounting. They help you get your work done securely, easily and quickly.

Save time on billing

Withholding tax rates are updated automatically. The payroll software helps you from calculation to automatic registration and deregistration.

Insights into your company

Comprehensive reporting for payroll accounting and human resources. Indexes can be fetched with a push of the button.

Never wait for updates again

A release with new features and customized customer requests is automatically imported every month.

Easy to be compliant

The latest GAV or legal requirements in payroll accounting are updated automatically.

No more manual input

Integration in any financial accounting. There is no need for manual data input in your accounting system.

Get safety

Owing to backups performed every minute, you can restore your payroll data at any time.

Reports and interfaces that are precisely tailored to the unique needs of your industry


Tailored to meet the needs of specific industries


This payroll accounting contains reports and interfaces that precisely tailored to the unique
needs of the construction industry or public administrations.


SwissSalary 365 can continue to be used as an on-premises installation. More information on the on-premises solution


These companies and many others already work in the cloud


Use of SwissSalary 365


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SwissSalary 365 on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Do you know that you can use SwissSalary 365 as an app on your Smartphone or Tablet?

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The Microsoft app "Dynamics 365 Business Central" is available for Android, Windows and iOS devices and can be downloaded free of charge from the respective App Store. You get the familiar Dynamics 365 environment on a modern interface designed specifically for mobile devices.